Amidst Pandemic, the Youth and Family Center Prepares for Growth and Builds Deeper Service Offerings

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Bridget Jones, Executive Director
The Youth and Family Center 
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Amidst pandemic, The Youth and Family Center prepares for growth and builds deeper service offerings

St. Louis, MO— Just days after the March COVID-19 shut-down orders, The Youth and Family Center quickly adapted to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its neighbors in the Near North Side community. While pivoting its services to include increased meal handouts, food delivery for the elderly and safe youth educational programs, it also announced the appointment of four new members of its Board of Directors, as well as an entirely new slate of officers to lead the organization through 2020 and into 2021. 

Joining the Board of Directors are Carlos Diaz Granados, Principal in the Rockwood School District; Clarence Dula, owner of the Tandy Medical Building; Cindy Chapman, Trade Control Manager at Boeing; Corge Umlauf, Attorney At Law at Umlauf Law, LLC; and Cyeria Jackson, Principal, Internal Audit Standards and Quality at Amazon. 

Each of these individuals expand our board’s diversity of talents and areas of expertise, and they each have shown a deep desire and personal investment to improve this community. They will strengthen our efforts and ensure that as we grow, we’re not just fiscally sustainable, but continuing to make a real impact for our neighbors,” Bridget Jones, Executive Director.

At the same time as adding these new members, the organization also turned over its Executive Committee with the election of all new officers to the Board of Directors. This includes the election of Allan Ivie as President, Cyeria Jackson as Vice President, Kristin Ebert as Treasurer and Tom Goldberg as Secretary. Along with a newly formed strategic planning and oversight committee, this group of leaders will oversee the organization through a comprehensive strategic planning process as it looks to the future, and specifically toward growth and service offerings over the next five years. 

“Our organization has been around for a long time – since 1888. We have adapted and evolved throughout our deep history to better serve our neighbors and community members. Right now, we are living in one of those pivotal moments in history, not just with the pandemic circumstances, but also in becoming more digital and having programs that truly make an impact for all members of our families. It’s time for us to take a deep look at our programs and our organization, and I know that this group is made up of the exact right people who will ensure we get there,” said Jones.

The Youth and Family Center will formally kickoff its strategic planning process near the end of 2020. In the meantime, they will continue to provide weekly meals and food handouts for families, grocery delivery services to the elderly and safe options for navigating virtual education for grade K-5 as core components of its daily operations. 

About the Youth and Family Center
The Youth and Family Center (YFC) helps youth, families and older adults attain self-sustaining lives by providing innovative social, educational and recreational resources. Since 1888 it has  served as an anchor for the near North Side of St. Louis., providing responsive services to help improve the quality of life for low income families. It is committed to provide innovative and quality programs and services for everyone in the family.You can find the current listing of the YFC board members here.