Our Team

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Our team puts in great work every day to make the Youth and Family Center a great and welcoming place. We believe in an environment where everyone feels welcome, heard and valued. 

Dr. LaChrisa Crenshaw
Executive Director
Charles Hawkins
Center Recruitment/ Sports Activities Director
Coach Floyd Irons
Community Liaison/ Sports Activities Director
Tori Kruel
Program Director
Pinkie Washington
Center Operations Coordinator
Michelle Werkmeister
Financial Accountant
Vanita Washington
Family Support Advocate
Melissa Miller
Program Specialist
Viola Oden
Events Specialist
Asia Wallace
Program Specialist
Erica Weathersby
Teacher  I  After school Program
Tiffany Moore
Dance Instructor  I  After school Program
Eric Payne
Chess Teacher  I  After school/Senior Program
Virgil Wright
Sports Assistant
James Blakemore
Security Guard