A Reflection on the Youth and Family Center, Today and Tomorrow

A letter from Bridget Jones, Former Executive Director

For so many of us, 2020 has been a year of uncertainty filled with loss and hope, anger and resolution, isolation and community. However, with the help of our family and neighbors, we continue to rise above adversity. Today is no different. While the results of the election are still uncertain, the outcome doesn’t change who we are. We are strong, we are resilient and we remain encouraged.  As we look down the path ahead of us, I remind you to approach whatever comes next with a renewed sense of determination and purpose. Today marks a moment in time, one where we know that the work we are doing is most critical. Our work: our partnerships and camaraderie is needed now, more than ever. Today let’s come together as a community to continue to pursue what is right for our neighborhood, our region and our country.  I ask that you join us – The Youth and Family Center – as St. Louisans, Missourians and as Americans in the belief that there can be a better tomorrow. Show your commitment to being part of the solution. Show that you, too, believe in the value of community and that you will continue to invest in and harvest the inherent potential in the near-north side, and in our region. 


As we have done for over 130 years, the Youth and Family Center will continue to work for the equitable advancement of our region. We will work effortlessly to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and have access to quality healthcare and education.  We will share our voice with those who have been silenced. And we will always be a welcoming safe space for you and your family.


Today and every day, we stand with you and for you.

In solidarity,

Bridget Jones