This work is essential

An update to the Community from Bridget Jones, Former Executive Director

To my fellow community leaders, volunteers, and program and outreach essential workers: 

The work you do is extremely important!  You are – we are – a vital part of the fabric of our community. While the work we have been called to do may sometimes seem impossible due to shrinking budgets that never quite meet the enormous needs of our organizations, bureaucracy,  insufficient hours in a day, as well as countless other deterrents,  you are making a difference and you are impacting those who need us the most. I encourage you to not give up.  Keep working to advance policies and reform that will benefit our neighbors, and strengthen our communities. Your voice matters. Your actions are making an impact. 

At the Youth and Family Center, we believe that there can be a better tomorrow and we will continue to work for the equitable advancement of our region.  Please continue to stand with us and with those who work effortlessly to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and have access to quality health care and education. That those in need have shelter, and that those with shelter never have to choose between paying a utility bill and feeding their family. 

Thank you for your perseverance, determination and dedication. 

Keep going!