To our neighbors living in our Near North Side community, and my fellow St. Louisans across the region: 

A note from Bridget Jones, Former Executive Director

Recent events have shed a clear light on the injustice that many have endured for centuries. We have dwelled in this state for far too long and recognize the emphatic need for change.

The Youth and Family Center boldly condemns all forms of racism and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with those working to eliminate systemic racism and social inequities. We stand in solidarity with those who continue to find ways to up lift the African American community, support black owned businesses, revive divested neighborhoods, equalize the quality of education for children and who work to improve access to quality health care for all.

The Youth and Family Center is committed to being part of the solution. Especially now during these times of unrest, the Youth and Family Center is here to support our north-side neighbors. At the Youth and Family Center, we believe in our value as a community and will continue to invest and harvest the inherent potential in our community.

In Solidarity,
You Matter, We Matter, Black Lives Matter!